Welcome to the best gingerbread houses 2017!  We love to inspire everyone by showcasing the best gingerbread house kits, decorations and patterns.

While the majority of gingerbread houses are created during the holiday season, many crafters continuously bake and build gingerbread houses all year round.

Best GingerBread House Kits 

Choosing the right gingerbread house for you can be a bit difficult. There are so many generic “cookie cutter” designs out on the market that really limit creativity. We have tried and reviewed these gingerbread house kits from Amazon, so that our visitors know which kits are right for them. We have listed the pros and cons of each gingerbread house kit with up to date summary and reviews from other kit buyers. Learn more by visiting the best gingerbread houses kits of 2017 here

GingerBread Houses Ideas

Selecting the right gingerbread house is your first step, but how will you design your house? We have accumulated over 100 gingerbread house ideas that include candy cane pathways, beautiful gumdrop craftsmanship, incredible royal icing designs and even lego gingerbread houses to help inspire you.  If you are thinking of getting a head start with a custom design house, the best designs can take two to three weeks to create. But, if you want to design a gingerbread house in a couple of hours, consider a gingerbread kit. Either way, both ways of creating are perfect for a holiday party or even just a yearly tradition with the kids. Take a look at all of these great gingerbread house ideas and start creating your own edible creation now

Gingerbread House Decorations

How will you decorate your gingerbread house? There are thousands of possibilities when designing your gingerbread house. Depending on what style house you have chosen, such as a simple house design, a classic gingerbread house design, log cabin design or even a Victorian house design, you decorations should complement the base. There are many kinds of gingerbread house candies that can compliment your designs  like mini candy canes, gum drops, frosting and icings etc. Learn more about all the different gingerbread house decorations here

How To Build a Gingerbread House 

One of the best part of gingerbread houses is building them. Building a gingerbread house requires, a plan, some solid gingerbread, the perfect icing recipe or pre-made icing and patients. Sometimes it can get a little frustrating when a piece of gingerbread breaks and you need to create more for your house. For a step by step guide on how to build a gingerbread house click here.

Icing For Gingerbread Houses 

The Icing is one of the most important parts when creating a gingerbread house. The icing acts as a kind of glue to keep your structure solid and not only essential for a good foundation, but to assist with keeping your patterns and designs in place as well. Having an icing thats very liquidy or even too thick can bring problems to your gingerbread house. Learn more about the perfect icings for your creation here.

GingerBread House Patterns

Creating the perfect gingerbread patterns take some time and research. There are hundreds of different patterns and templates that you can find all over the internet. Whether you want are looking to create a simple trim pattern or a more advanced pattern for your gingerbread house; based on your skillet, you may want to start on an easier pattern and work your way up. Click here to view the different kinds of patterns for your gingerbread house