Best Gingerbread House Kits of 2017

Choosing the right gingerbread house kit seems fairly easy, right? But after testing many of these kits, we found out that some kits leave us disappointed. Stale gingerbread and candy canes, missing pieces and horrible tasting frosting. Yuck! We did our own little test and found the best gingerbread decorating kits off of Amazon. Purchasing your kit off of Amazon is great because the reviews really hold up to the products quality and there is a ton of variety to select from. If you are looking for a simple gingerbread house, there are a ton of options. Or if you’re looking for more advanced or themed gingerbread house, there are some options; but they are a bit more costly. Here are the best gingerbread houses of 2017:

1. Wilton Gingerbread House Kit – Pre-Baked

If you are looking for a classic gingerbread house that comes with high quality gingerbread, ready to use sticky frosting, perfect for keeping things stable and decent tasting candy; this is the gingerbread house for you. Everything is ready to build out of the box with this gingerbread house, so this is perfect for kids. This gingerbread house is a bit on the pricey side at $30 – but threes defiantly a higher quality. Check out the Wilton Gingerbread House Kit on Amazon

2. Wilton Mini Gingerbread House Kit

Again, Wilton takes the cake for a well crafted and fun mini gingerbread house kit. But, wow this gingerbread house was very small.  The gingerbread quality is the same as the kit from above, but everything is just smaller. The size of this gingerbread house is about the size of medium size apple.  You get less candy, less frosting and less gingerbread, which makes perfect sense. While this gingerbread house is a great little buy, you actually complete the kit significantly faster than you would anticipate.  If you have a younger child, this may be a better buy with their shorter attention spans. If you are creating a house with a child of 7 years or above, we’d recommend the larger houses. Check out this Gingerbread house on Amazon



3. Disney Crafty Gingerbread House Cooking Kits

If you or your gingerbread crafters are Disney fanatics. This is a great spin on the classic gingerbread house. This kit comes with all the classic goodies such as gumdrops, ready to use frosting, candy beads and Mickey shaped candy pieces. As a bonus and for a little more fun decor, this piece comes with a candy cane fence as well. But be warned, while this is a fun version of our loved simple gingerbread houses, this is a pretty small kit for a decent amount of money.  Also, some Amazon reviews stated that kits have arrived with many broken or missing pieces. But, I don’t think its very likely, just something to noticed before. So, if you are willing to pay a bit more for a Disney gingerbread house, go for it. Check out the Disney Gingerbread house on Amazon.

4. Small Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Kit Ann Clark

Are you interested in building your gingerbread house from the ground up for many kids or family members? This gingerbread house cookie cutter kit, with walls and roof cutters, will help you achieve just that. Now, these cookie cutters will help your create a cute and small  simple gingerbread houses in no time. The best part about these cookie cutters is that there is no limit to how many houses you can make. Some Amazon reviewers even said they had groups of kids come over for an afternoon of gingerbread making.  If you are more cost conscious this may be the best bet for you. Obliviously, the downside is that you have to provide your own ingredients, but if you are thinking about making more than five houses – this would be the way to go. Check house the Small Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Kit on Amazon


5. Starbucks Gingerbread House Kit

If you are a Coffee lover, the Starbucks gingerbread house kit is a must. The kit comes with everything you can need to make a Starbucks shop replica. The kit comes with gumdrops, frosting, candy bites, candy canes and a little Starbucks coffee marquee that is the focal point of the piece. The house is medium to small in size which is good for children above the age of 7. Honestly, this would make a great holiday gift for any coffee lover fiends and family. Check out The Starbucks Gingerbread House Kit On Amazon.

6. Wonka Gingerbread House Kit

What makes this kit special is the candy. The Wonka gingerbread kit contains classic candies such as Nerds, Sweet Tarts, Runts and Bottle caps. These are most likely to be eaten that placed on the Gingerbread house; but who can resist. Other than the candy, the Wonka gingerbread house contains the basics: pre-made gingerbread and frosting plus a set up tray that will help create a stable gingerbread house. The reviews are all positive for this Gingerbread house, but its a litle more expensive than the others for its size. Its a little smaller than average and costs about $20. Check out the Wonka Gingerbread House Kit on Amazon


7. Create-a-Treat Gingerbread House Kit

This is one of the easiest and simple gingerbread house kits on the market. Again, that doesnt necessary mean it may be right for you. Its a simple design and includes all the basics like gingerbread, icing and candy. There has been a couple of Amazon reviews saying that the gingerbread, that is supposed to be bakery fresh, isn’t freshly baked may not be a concern. Not many individuals eat their gingerbread house after creation. For what your getting the cost is reasonable. The cost of this kit is less than $20 dollars. Check out Create-a-Treat Gingerbread house kit on Amazon.