During the month of October, many like to create spooky haunted gingerbread houses with candy ghosts, frosted tomb-stones and miniature pumpkin molds to get in the  Halloween spirit.

Halloween gingerbread houses are not just a fun activity to do with children, but make an excellent decoration centerpiece for any home. When thinking about creating a Halloween gingerbread house, you can choose to make the house from a kit or from scratch. Below, we have compiled the Halloween gingerbread house kits and decoration ideas to help inspire you.

1. Create- A- Treat Halloween Chocolate Cooke Haunted House – 2021

The best Halloween gingerbread house in 2021 is the Create-a-Treat Chocolate Cookie Haunted House.

best halloween gingerbread kit 2021.

This Halloween gingerbread house includes:

  • 9 chocolate cookies house pieces
  • 8 vanilla cookies
  • 6 assorted Halloween candies
  • 3 E-Z soft & squeezy icing writers
  • 2 pre-made icing pouches with decorating tip

This kit is easy to build and friendly for those who have peanut allergies. The kit is certified and made in a Peanut free and Tree Nut Free Facility and certified kosher. Overall, this is the best haunted house gingerbread of 2021. 

2. OREO Halloween Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit – 2021

This is a new Halloween themed gingerbread house hit in 2021. We like the Oreo Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit because its not a standard haunted house, but has a spooky graveyard; which makes it unique.

oreo Halloween gingerbread house.

This Halloween cookie house kit includes

  • Chocolate house pieces
  • Chocolate cookie tomb stones
  • Mini Oreo cookies
  • Chocolate and Vanilla Icing
  • Candy jewelry
  • Candy Bats

3. Wilton Halloween Gingerbread Cookie House Kit

halloween gingerbread house kit.

While there are not many Halloween kits available online, Wilton offers a very simple Halloween gingerbread house kit perfect for all ages. Wilton is the standard, when it comes to all gingerbread house kits; and this one in particular does a great job of being very easy to build.

What comes with the Wilton Halloween kit?

The kit comes with chocolate cookie gingerbread walls, icing bags, purple and black icing, orange fondant and orange, black and purple mini candies and lastly, a bag of candy corns. While Wilton is known for high quality gingerbread houses, this kit has a tendency to arrive broken. Many of the individuals who ordered the kit complained about broken pieces, so be aware before purchasing. At the same time, this kit was ordered by hundreds of customers that have not left a negative review. Just know that there is a small chance that your kit can arrive broken.

Check out the Wilton Halloween Gingerbread House on Amazon

4. Trader Joe’s Haunted Chocolate Cookie House for Halloween

trader joe's haunted chocolate cookie house.

For all the chocolate lovers out there, the Trader Joe’s haunted chocolate cookie house kit is a must have. It’s a pre-made kit that includes 7 chocolate pieces to construct your house. It also comes with black and orange icing, candy bones, bats, mini beads and jelly beans. This is a smaller kit, perfect for kids to make a decorate in about one hour. As with most gingerbread or in this case, cookie kits, the pieces may arrive broken. Some Amazon users stated that some pieces were cracked and crumbled, while others said the kit was the perfect Halloween activity. One last surprise was that many amazon reviews said that the cookies tasted good, which is rare for a pre-made kit. If you have little ones and you are looking for a fun Halloween project, this would be a great Halloween cookie house.

Check out the Trader Joe’s Cookie Kit on Amazon.

5. Wonka Haunted Cookie House

wonka haunted cookie house.

Wonka is known for its Christmas gingerbread house kits and it’s no surprise that their Halloween cookie house kit is great for getting the family into the Halloween spirit. This kit comes with “Link & Lock”, which connects the cookie pieces with ease. This is the feature that we love for little kids. No need to fuss with tons of icing. Just add a bit of icing and connect the pieces and they will hold in place.

This Kit includes your standard Wonka candies such as Nerds, Sweetarts, Runts and bottle caps. This is a medium size cookie kit but takes less than an hour to assemble and decorate due to the “Link & Lock” functionality.

Check out the Wonka Haunted Cookie House Kit on Amazon.

6. Haunted House Gingerbread Bake Set Kit

Haunted house bake set.

If you are looking to make your haunted gingerbread house kit from scratch, this bake set is for you. The baking kit  comes with a series of molds and shapes to create your spooky house. The kit has received many positive reviews for its simplicity and low cost.

Even though the kit is mainly used for Halloween gingerbread houses, Amazon reviewers have said that these molds can be used for any kind of gingerbread kit. This kit is great for anyone who wants to create personalized haunted house and that doesn’t mind spending a bit more time baking.

Check out the Haunted House Bake Set on Amazon.

7. Scooby Doo Halloween Gingerbread House Kit

The Scooby Doo Halloween gingerbread house is another popular kit on Amazon. It features, the iconic Scooby Doo, mystery machine and the rest of the gang – Shaggy, Velma. Overall, this kit is easy to build and we would recommend it for all ages. The kit comes with pre-baked gingerbread pieces, pre-made icing, candy jewels, candy bats, candy corn, a gummy Scooby Doo and fun cardboard figures of the mystery machine and a some additional creepy characters: a vampire and a mummy.

Halloween Gingerbread Decoration Ideas

Need some spooky inspiration for your Halloween gingerbread house? Whether you want ghosts, goblins, skeletons, pumpkins or spider, these ideas are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit.

Chocolate Covered Haunted Gingerbread House

This haunted gingerbread house for Halloween is covered in chocolate frosting and accented with chocolate cookies. If you are looking for a sweet spooky treat this Halloween, this gingerbread house is perfect for you.

Small Halloween Gingerbread House with Spooky Tombstone

A small and crooked and gray gingerbread house with tombstone screams Halloween. With mini frosting based pumpkins, this house is perfect for any fall activity.

Orange and Black House with Spider Decoration

This small orange and black gingerbread house screams Halloween. Decorated with ghosts, spiders and a candy corn walkway, this mini gingerbread house is a perfect example of a festive decoration.

Tall Graham Cracker Haunted House with Pumpkin Design

Mini Halloween Gingerbread House with Candy Corn Roof

Mini Professional Haunted Gingerbread House Trio

Skull and Ghosts Halloween Gingerbread House

Small Ghost and Orange Frosting Haunted House

Tiny Halloween Gingerbread House with Frosted Mummy

Cute Halloween Gingerbread House with Pumpkin Decor