The candy on your gingerbread house will play an important role in creating a vibrant holiday theme. Each candy can create a different texture and design. By choosing your gingerbread house theme first, you can select the candy will better accent your design.

First, decide whether if you will buy a gingerbread house kit or make the gingerbread house from scratch. This will play a crucial role when selecting your candy.

gingerbread house with candy.

Here are most common and popular candies which can be used to decorate a gingerbread house.

Gum Drops

Gumdrops are one of the most iconic gingerbread house candies. They are mainly used as Christmas lights, fences and colorful accents on the roof.

gingerbread house with gumdrops.


M&Ms are a must for any gingerbread house. M&Ms are small round chocolates that are commonly use for decorating the roof of the house. By adding some frosting and sticking them individually on the roof, you can create colorful red and green patterns.


Hershey Kisses

Hershey Kisses are also one of the most popular gingerbread house candies. They can be used as roof decor, but also used to create walk ways for the house.

hershey kisses.

Candy Canes

Tradition Candy Canes are one of the most diverse candies to use when decorating a Gingerbread house. They can be used to create heart shape windows, lamp posts with a yellow gumdrop lamp or even a supporting doorway.

If you are able find stick shaped candy canes, this will allow you to create many red and white boarders around the house.

candy canes.

Christmas Sprinkles

Sprinkles can be used in various ways when decorating your gingerbread house. The primary purpose of Christmas themed sprinkles is to add a pop of color and shapes to your theme.


While most sprinkles come in a cylindrical shape, Christmas themed sprinkles can come in round, star, heart, Christmas tree and even Santa shapes which can elevate your design. They can be also found in many different kinds of colors as well.


Peppermints can be the focal point of any gingerbread house. They are usually placed right above the door or where the two roofs meet. Peppermints can also be used as the primary candy to decorate the roof.

peppermint candy.

Candy Icicles and Bricks

Candy icicles can add the winter touch to any gingerbread house. Candy icicles are used to decorate the edge of the roof and around the doors.

candy icicles and bricks.

In addition, candy bricks are great to line the gingerbread house walls. This can bring a nice rustic or classic feel to your house.

Gingerbread Man Decor

Gingerbread men decor are primary used outside the house. Its common to have a gingerbread couple or family with every gingerbread house. Its best practice to find smaller gingerbread men and women so that they are proportional with the house size.

Snow Frosting and Confetti

Snow frosting and confetti can add an elegant touch of winter to any gingerbread house. The Snow frosting design is usually applied to the roof and walls to the gingerbread house and can be anywhere from a very simple pattern to a very intricate design.

Confetti is a simple way to add color and simple shapes to your creation.

snow frosting.

Red & Green Sour Tape

A newer candy, red and green sour tape is a great way to add texture to your gingerbread house. The sour tape is mainly used on the walls, but could also be used as grass.

sour tape.

Chocolate Pretzels

if you are considering a cabin style gingerbread house, chocolate or regular pretzels can be used to create a wooden design. By adding frosting to the pretzels and placing them on the walls and roof of the house, you can have a log cabin style in no time.

chocolate pretzels.

Marshmallow Snowmen

By stacking a few marshmallows together, its easy to turn this candy into a cute snowman marshmallow. Think about adding a few of the pretzels for arms and small drops of chocolate for buttons as well.

marshmallow snowmen.

Red & Green Licorice Candy

Red or Green licorice can be used for roof lining or general roof decor. By cutting small pieces of licorice and adding them to the roof, it can create a type a unique texture.

licorice candy.

Fruit Loops and Crunch Berries

Fruit loops can be used for window decor and bring a colorful pop to your gingerbread house. Crunch berries can be used for Christmas lights and to highlight the outline of the house.

fruit loops.

Kit Kat Bars

Kit Kat bars make great roof designs and could also be used to create a wooden log cabin designs. Another creative way to use Kit Kat bars for a gingerbread house would be to purchase both white and regular Kit Kats and make a creative wall pattern on the house.

kit kat bars.

Smarties or Nerds:

These small, colorful candies can be used to add texture and detail to your gingerbread house.

Jelly beans:

These come in a wide range of colors and can be used for decorating the house or creating colorful landscapes around it.

Tootsie Rolls:

These can be softened and shaped into various elements, such as logs for a log cabin-style gingerbread house.

Chocolate chips

Miniature chocolate chips can be used as decorative roof shingles or to create a chocolatey pathway.