11 Gingerbread House Tips for This Holiday Season

It is the holiday season and that means, its time to make and decorate gingerbread houses. Building gingerbread houses has been a holiday tradition for hundreds of years and is great past time for family and friends. But, Before you start rounding up the kids and grand kids for this fun holiday activity, here are some of the most important gingerbread house tips from our expert bakers to help get you started.

gingerbread house tips.

 1. Baking Gingerbread vs Using a Pre-made Kit – The Most Important Decision 

Now, before you start decorating your gingerbread house, it’s important to figure out which route you will take, either baking your gingerbread from scratch or purchasing a pre-made kit. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. 

Baking You Gingerbread

The benefit of baking your gingerbread houses is that you have more flexibility in design and control of how your house will look and feel. This allows you to make a smaller or much larger gingerbread house. 

Generally speaking, making your own gingerbread house, if done correctly, will lead to a more stable house compared to most kits which could have broken gingerbread. This means, making your gingerbread house will be an easier feat and more enjoyable. Lastly, once its time to eat your gingerbread house, it will taste one hundred times better than any store-bought kit. 

The main issue of making your own house is that it requires more time and preparation. You must purchase the proper baking ingredients for your gingerbread house. This can add a few more hours to the process, which could be an issue; especially if you have younger and eager decorators. 

Also, you will need to make sure you have the proper molds or templates for the gingerbread house walls, doors and base ready to go. If you have more time and patience, we highly recommend making your gingerbread. If you have children who just want to decorate and enjoy the activity, think about getting a kit. 

Using Gingerbread House Kits

In short, gingerbread house kits are the best option for kids and those who just want to decorate. All the supplies are included and the gingerbread is pre-made. The only issues are that some kits can have broken gingerbread pieces and the candy and gingerbread have a tendency to be stale. 

2. Choosing a Theme – Where to find Inspiration

Choosing a theme is a very important step to think about before you start decorating and constructing your gingerbread house. The most popular and common decoration ideas can be found by doing a quick search on Google, Pinterest or this article about the most popular gingerbread decorations ideas. Why it’s important to find a theme before decorating is ensure that you have all the needed supplies, plus this will shape how you will make your gingerbread house (if it’s from scratch)

Common gingerbread themes include:

  • Winter wonderland
  • Classic Gingerbread House
  • The Log Cabin
  • Christmas themes with green, red and white accents. 
log cabin gingerbread house decor.

3. Finding a Template or Pattern Before You Create (Recommended) 

There are many gingerbread templates and patterns that are available online. Once more, do your best to choose a template that will fit your gingerbread theme before you bake your gingerbread. These templates can range from the popular Victorian style pattern to the more classic style gingerbread house. Each template should come with walls, doors, roof and window outlines for you to follow. 

example of gingerbread template houses.

4. Selecting Candy and Decorations Ahead of Time

Once you have your theme and template chosen, its time to think about the candy and decorations that you would like to use. The most common gingerbread house candies include Hershey kisses, m&ms, and dots. To make sure your candy fits the theme you may want to choose specific colored candies. 

candy decoration examples.

For example, a class gingerbread house would include, red, green and white. In this instance using red M&Ms, green dots and white royal icing would be encouraged. For more advanced themes, like a log cabin, keep to darker more rustic looking candies and decorations like Hershey kisses.

Additional decorations like Santa and reindeer cutouts can also be added to give the gingerbread house a special touch. These cut out and edible decorations can take your gingerbread house to the next level by adding more of a holiday theme that cannot be done with traditional candy. 

5. Building A Gingerbread House with Proper Foundation

Before you start constructing, know that a gingerbread house with the best foundation will make the activity. This means that before you start putting your gingerbread walls up, do your best to have thick royal icing on hand, plus thicker gingerbread to make the house more stable. 

proper foundation gingerbread houses.

6. Decorating Walls and Doors Before You Build

Most beginner gingerbread house makers, decorate after the house has been built. This is one of the most common mistakes in gingerbread houses. To get a cleaner and better design, we highly recommend that you decorate each piece of gingerbread individually, on a flat surface. This allows for now just a cleaner design, but a more cohesive looking house. This tip is highly recommended if you have children decorators. It tends to be easier for them to build their houses this way compared to when the house is already built. 

7. Additional Structural Support

Once you start putting up the walls and doors, an easy trick is to use any type of canned food as a way to prop up your gingerbread. While it’s propped up, use additional icing to make sure the doors, walls and roof stick. Make sure you hold gingerbread together for 15 seconds after you apply the frosting 

8. Using More Than Enough Frosting 

We will say this one more time, use more icing on the corners of each piece of gingerbread before you connected them is highly recommended. Make sure to make plenty of icing ahead of time. 

use a lot of icing for the best gingerbread houses.

9. Being Patient 

Patience will pay off when building and decorating your gingerbread house. For the best outcome, take your time while decorating and constructing. It can be difficult to re-decorate a piece of gingerbread, so take your time. Which leads us to our next tip.

10. Bake Additional Gingerbread

Have additional pieces of gingerbread on hand if you are baking. Do you best to have at least an additional set of gingerbread as a back up just in case there are any broken pieces

kids building gingerbread houses.

11. Keeping the Tradition Alive

Lastly, keep this holiday tradition alive. This is a great opportunity to bring family and friends together. By making gingerbread houses an annual tradition, you will be able to have a set day every year to rekindle relationships. 

Gingerbread House Decoration Ideas & Photos

Decorating a gingerbread house for the holiday season is a fun tradition for the whole family. The themes and ideas to decorate a gingerbread house are endless.

Most gingerbread house themes are simple and easy to create. It just depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into this Christmas craft.

Before you start decorating, consider how you will create your gingerbread house. You can make a gingerbread house from scratch, which could take many hours or purchase a gingerbread house kit and decorate right away.

Then, consider what style of gingerbread house you want to build and decorate. Will it be a login cabin, traditional gingerbread house, or unique? Also, think about what type of gingerbread house candy you would like to add.

Here are over fifty gingerbread decoration ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

1. Traditional Gingerbread House Decorations

This traditional style gingerbread house is what anyone would envision when thinking about decorating a gingerbread house during the holidays. The whimsical colors of the gumdrops and hard candies are eye-catching and fun. The perfectly squishy looking trees and wreath above the door bring out the holiday-feel and also looks delicious! Our favorite is the use of the white frosting for the beautifully sheeted snow on top of the house.

classic gingerbread house.


2. Modern Chocolate Gingerbread House Decoration

This modern chocolate gingerbread house looks too delicious not to eat! The use of the milk chocolate and white chocolate Kit Kat bars creating a checkered foundation for the walls makes for a unique gingerbread house look. The chocolate creates a look of a roof that is lightly dusted in the snow is smart as you won’t need to use too much frosting for this one. The red and green from the wreath adds a beautiful pop of color and hints at which season this is for.

modern chocolate gingerbread house.

3. Candy Roof Gingerbread House Idea

This roof design is easier since it contains four gingerbread pieces compared to the six pieces that would be used for a traditional gingerbread house. The giant, colorful sweet tarts used for the roofing is the focal point of this gingerbread house. The intricate white frosting designs on the front of the house adds a feminine touch, while the greenery used around the house ties everything together.

creative tall roof design house.

4. Small Gingerbread House with Green Decorations

This small and green gingerbread house design has charming details. The house has red and green candies used as Christmas lights on the roof and a short chimney. The use of accessories like the snowman with the green hat, the candy canes and peppermint candies at the doorway, and use of gummies throughout really create a cute Christmas time feeling.

small and green gingerbread house house decorations.

5. A Large Gingerbread House with Stylish Frosting Ideas

If you have a gingerbread house mold that is quite large, this large gingerbread house with stylish frosting patterns and templates can be a sweet inspiration for you. Framing the first floor of the house with large trees and adding a colorful bunch of candies surrounding the house is a nice touch. The fluffy white frosting on the roof with confetti sprinkles creates a playful touch to the elegant frosting designs on the front of the house.

large gingerbread house with stylish frosting.

6. Small Classic Gingerbread House Decor

The classic gingerbread house-made small and compact and an excellent testament of what you can accomplish with just two simple ingredients. Although there are quite a few decorative flourishes, such as the hard candy and gumdrop window accents, most of the house is constructed from just clever use of frosting. With just a few pattern changes, you can create a diverse pattern that mirrors tiles if you only have gingerbread and icing available. Multi-colored candies like Sixlets make for a subtle but beautiful shingle effect that is both visually arresting and tasty as well.

small classic gingerbread house. 

7. Pink Gingerbread House Ideas

A fun take on the traditional gingerbread house with more emphasis placed on the front of the house. Multi-colored gumdrops form a narrow little path out of the snow, bringing more focus on the frosting and candied details of the front door. From frosting mistletoe, peppermint centerpieces and Mike&Ike window frames; the bright pink aesthetic provides a vibrant and cheery feel that your typical gingerbread colors don’t provide.

pink accented gingerbread house.


8. Frosting Icicles with Powdered Sugar Snow Gingerbread House

The frosting icicles with powdered sugar snow gingerbread house paints the picture that Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause are inside next to a fire looking at the ‘naughty and nice’ list. The use of the gingerbread cookies and powdered sugar snow around the gingerbread house helps to create an inviting and winter feeling. The perfectly symmetric details from the frosting windows to the peppermint on the roof, are cozy and cute.


frosting icicles with powdered sugar snow gingerbread house.

9.Traditional Gingerbread House With Gumdrop Roof

Any kid’s dream as they think of gingerbread houses and with so much variety of tasty candies to eat and best of all, just about anyone can make this house. Gumdrops, hard candies and Sixlets dot the roof, offering you more color than just your typical gingerbread and frosting. The same candy combination also provides more color to your lawn and window accents. Symmetry is always lovely, but for a traditional house like this, imperfection offers more of a classic gingerbread charm.

traditional gingerbread house with gumdrop roof.

10.Modern Login Cabin House Decor Using Pretzel Sticks

The modern log cabin design using pretzel sticks is an excellent inspiration for those who love the outdoors and a more rustic look. You can tell with the icicles along the roof, and white frosting touches within the cookie tree that it is winter time and cold. The login cabin style can be simple look without the use of bright colors and having its focal point being the pretzel sticks for the log cabin walls.

modern login cabin design using pretzel sticks.

11. Sugar Encrusted Gingerbread House with Frosting Decoration 

The sugar encrusted gingerbread house with frosting design has an almost artificial look to it as it has meticulous and hardened frosting and candy details. The sugar adds a hint of glimmer and fun to this unique gingerbread house. This particular gingerbread house would look great as a piece to be shown off, not eaten, within a ceramic Christmas Village collection.

sugar encrusted gingerbread house with frosting decoration. 


12. Classic Gumdrop Gingerbread House with Cotton Ball Smoke

This wonderfully whimsical classic gumdrop gingerbread house with cotton ball smoke coming from the chimney is quite intricate with its use of awnings and colorful details. The gumdrop details for the roofing is the focal point with its vibrant colors. The purpose of the red gummies for shutters and candy cane sticks for pillars, to the green frosting trees and rock candy and gummies surrounding the house paints the picture of the house being located in a forest.

classic gumdrop gingerbread house with cotton ball smoke.


13. Modern Pecan Gingerbread House with Rosemary Tree Wreath Decoration 

It’s great to mix up the traditional decorations if you have an individual who doesn’t particularly like candy or too many sweets. This modern pecan gingerbread house is the perfect inspiration for that individual, and the rosemary wreath adds a nice touch as it would also smell amazing once finished. The popcorn is used as fluffy snow, the pecans as windows, the sesame seeds and dried cranberries used to outline the house, and banana chips to create the dimensions of the roofing.

pecan gingerbread house with rosemary tree wreath decoration. 


14. Mini Gingerbread House with Peppermint Accent Windows

This gingerbread house is smaller than the average gingerbread kit. Clever use of green frosting, paired with white frosting form the base of the roof pattern. The green icing also serves as the door frame as well as the window trimming, giving the house beautiful holiday greenery. Peppermint candies add more color to the front of the house, with the windows made entirely of purple and pink lollipops. This house makes an excellent addition to your living room, allowing people to appreciate the detailed craftsmanship that went into it.

mini gingerbread house with peppermint accent windows.

15. Gold and Foil Hershey Kiss Gingerbread House Decor

The foil from the Hershey Kisses brings out the gold and silver charm of a gingerbread house like this. For those with a limited amount of candy on hand, this gingerbread house shows you that you can build. A wonderfully detailed and unique looking gingerbread house with just clever uses of one candy and some frosting. The kisses provide the window accents, the shingles and the lawn decorations, all without a last-minute trip to the store. Plus, this house is lovely for all those that like a little touch of gold as well.

gold and foil hershey kiss gingerbread house decor.

16.Smarty Candy Roof Decoration with Green Frosting Wreath

A house that breathes winter with its fun use of layering smarties to form a brilliantly multi-colored roof. An inspired use of frosting creates some very wintery icicles along with a beautiful decorative wreath. To round things out are some tasty looking gummy bushes along with lovely use of candied hearts to show the love and care to create this gingerbread house.

smarty candy roof decoration with green frosting wreath.

17. Blue Frosting Floral Themes Gingerbread House

A fantastic and whimsical design that shows off your artistic talents. A beautiful floral design is weaved throughout this house, ending with an even larger design and showing everyone what you really can accomplish with some just some inspiration and frosting. Blue frosting forms a lovely trim that provides just the right amount of contrast to showcase the floral pattern. From the small detail on the window frames, to the entire garden of blue and white flowers, you can quickly tell the amount of detail and care that was paid to this house.

blue frosting floral themes gingerbread house.

18. Professionally Designed Gingerbread House With Detailed Frosting Decor

From candy cane pillars to pretzel railings, chocolate nonpareils shingles, you can easily see the planned construction of this gingerbread house, and it’s inspired design. With perfectly symmetrical frosting gilding on the front and windows to the frosting on the chimney, you can easily see the simulation of melted snow. With the amount of intricate detail paid to every inch of this house, all the candies blend seamlessly to help form the look of an ordinary house and one that would be a shame to be eaten. 

professionally designed gingerbread house with detailed frosting decor.

19. Two Story Large Gingerbread House with Porch

A house that perfectly emulates a New England home in winter. This large mold uses chocolate bars to form the shingles of the roof with blue frosting emulating that shiny ‘blue paint’ finish. The wrinkles and air also help to reinforce this look, giving it the look of freshly painted wood. The porch is also a nice feature, made with chocolate bars as the walkways with candy cane supporting beams; it adds more the winter feel that much more.

two story large gingerbread house with porch.

20. Classic Gingerbread House with Snowman Decor

Another classic gingerbread design, but this time, complete with smiling snowman and a gingerbread Santa Clause to go with it! We see the regular gumdrop shingles with small Sixlet accents that bring out the color that the plain frosting and gingerbread lack. The windows and doors are constructed from peppermint candies and gumdrops and just a touch of frosting, really giving it a rustic feel.

classic gingerbread house with snowman decor.

21. Holiday Joy Gingerbread House

The pink Mike & Ikes give this house a Candyland feel with its vibrant colors and clever uses of red Sixlets for the juniper berries. Although it is subtle, the pink in this house stands out when contrasted to the rest of the house. With the frosting mistletoes, peppermint, and gummy trees, you can feel the joy radiating from this house.

holiday joy gingerbread house.

22. Hershey Kiss Roof Decorations 

For the chocolate lover in all of us, this house delivers. But ignoring the Hershey kisses and bars that form the roof for just a moment, we have a nice rainbow of jawbreakers that form a beautiful lawn pattern in combination with some candied hearts and some wonderfully patterned snowflakes. Mixed in with traditional designs like gumdrops and frosting trees, there is also beautifully symmetrical gilding of an almost professional caliber, which bathes the house with a lovely floral pattern reminiscent of Santa’s own home.

hershey kiss roof decorations.

23. Festive Light Green Gingerbread House

For those that like the color green, this house provides you some wonderful choices, from your traditional peppermints to your less common Sixlets. On the roof we have jawbreakers that form the top, then your standard gummies and even some sour belts to create a more cohesive tile effect. The frosting and the belts help to simulate a subtle ‘house lights’ effect that one might see on Christmas night.

festive light green gingerbread house.

24. Traditional Gingerbread House With Simple Decor 

Another traditional gingerbread house with some simplistic gilding designs. With more simplistic frosting designs and a broad array of candy, this house is every kid’s dream to eat. The roof is made with a combination of gummies and harder candies, with the roof being mostly made from frosting with some candies thrown into the mix. More gummies provide a colorful walkway with a decorative wreath of more floral candies. A simple house for those without a decent amount of frosting on hand that kids will still love.

traditional gingerbread house with simple decor.

25. Gingerbread Store with Candy Tape Roof and Lights

A store where you might even run into Santa himself. The roof is made from sour red belts, which give a beautiful look of red shingles, with a line of sixlets giving a playful vibe of powered Christmas lights. The spider is optional. Pirouette wafers provide the supporting beams while the door is made from butter cookies. The gummy snake, however, is not optional.

gingerbread store with candy tape roof and lights.

26. Classic Gingerbread Design with Frosting and Gingerbread Man

The classic gingerbread house complete with your very own gingerbread man. The M&M’s provide a chocolaty and very vibrant roof design, while the rest of the house has your more traditional trimmings. We have a wonderfully decorative frosting trim that looks precisely like melting snow, with multi-colored hard candies providing a rainbow look to your lawn and roof decorations. We even have more M&M’s as the wreath, making this house simple yet very delicious. No wonder the gingerbread man is so happy.

27. Mini Graham Cracker House Design with Green and Red Candy

Sometimes you don’t even have gingerbread on hand, or perhaps someone is allergic. No to worry, as this house shows you that a little ingenuity can make even a simple house look great. First, we have a candy cane archway to serve as the door, with red peppermints, green Resess, and Hershey kisses to form a cute little tree. We have graham crackers and a little bit of frosting to keep it all together and to finish it off, decorate it with smatterings of red and green candy.

28. Simple and Elegant Gingerbread House Design with M&Ms

This elegant gingerbread house brings a sense of warmth with its candy cane heart designs. With candy cane frames and peppermint decorations, the Christmas feel is very apparent. The plethora of M&M colors serves as a beautiful roof design with its multi-tiered look, supporting the candy cane roof. With a door made of chocolate, this house makes for one tasty treat.

29. Gingerbread Cottage with Wheat Cereal Roof and Pretzel Antlers

A picturesque image of a forest cottage and excellent use of extra cereal you have lying around. Chex makes up much of the roof with little sugar crystals thrown in for more of a snow effect, though any square-shaped cereal will work just as well. The pretzel antlers give this house a hunter’s lodge vibe with many of the logs constructed from cinnamon sticks, which provide an aroma that is very Christmas-like. Again, frosting is used to emulate the look of melted snow with gingerbread making up the smoky chimney.

30. Pretzel Cottage with Snow Frosting and Candy Lights

When you have an abundance of pretzels lying around, or you want to create a house with a more rustic feel, there is the log cabin. The design is quite similar to the regular gingerbread, except instead of gingerbread, you will be using pretzel sticks to emulate the logs. The sprinkles add a nice dash of color along with simulating the glow of Christmas lights where the frosting is spread very subtly around the sides and front of the house for snow. Finish off with a few decorative flourishes like the wreath and a few gumdrops on the roof.

31. Gummy Wreath With Multiple Color Candy Roof

For fans of hard candies, this house has it all-jawbreakers, peppermints, sour suckers, and skittles. Following a strict color scheme of only green and red, this house blends the more traditional design and simply builds on it, adding more layers of candy between each layer of frosting, giving it a very symmetrical look that is both Christmas like and delicious as well. The centerpiece of this house is the gummy wreath, that matches very well with the rest of the green and red color scheme. And if this house isn’t proving enough, the smiling Santa in the doorway seems to like it.

32. Simple Pink and Clean Frosting Pattern Design

Not everything needs eight different kinds of candy, three colors of frosting and chocolate bars-sometimes just the simplest things are the best. This is a more traditional gingerbread house with frosting trim all around, a candy cane heart at its center and candy cane ledges. The roof and accents are frostings, painted with little hearts to show someone your love and care, which for any gingerbread house, be they eight ingredients or three ingredients, is an essential ingredient of all.

33. Peppermint Roof and Camel Chimney with white Frosting Smoke

A little gingerbread house is allowing you to escape into the joys of Christmas time. Full of individual charm, the caramels provide a nice chimney stack, full of frosting smoke. The peppermint roof allows you to show off your Christmas spirit, with its brilliant greens and reds, contrasting well with your frosting wreath and trees. The multi-colored walkway enables you to show off your tootsie roll log pile and adorable little tootsie roll mailbox.

34. Gingerbread House with Very little Frosting Design

The frosting is great, but sometimes it can be much, both for taste and health reasons. This house trims down on its frosting use, using it very sparingly for some light accents along the front of the house and the shingles for the roof. The rest of the house is adorned with a tasty variety of candies, from the apple ring as the wreath, candy cane arches, to blue lollipops with smaller candies to form a makeshift flower. Then we have green jelly beans, arranged playfully for the roof, shadowing some peppermint shingles before we arrive at the broken kit-kits for some innovative windows.

35. Gingerbread House with Red Candy Accents

This gingerbread design is probably the more traditional-being just gingerbread and red-colored candies. With minimal use of frosting, more emphasis is placed on the sweets providing more of visual flair to the rest of the house. The sour tape is arranged creatively to form the bushes, with a good smattering of red Sixlets providing a brighter roof design. Candy canes form the framing with larger ones acting as door arches. The entire house is finished with a peppermint wreath and gumdrops.

36. Classic House with Great Window Decor

Another traditional gingerbread style, with a wide, vibrant array of gumdrops, gummies, and Sixlets filling every color of the rainbow. The windows of this house is a bit more intricate than the others, with more layering and details implemented so you can see the colors behind it-a mixture of red, yellow, orange and green. With such detail paid to the windows, it almost feels like a real home. We see the same generous smattering of frosting to form the roof with large gumdrops as shingles. 

37. Light and Dark Gingerbread Accents with Wheat Roof

A larger design, and for those that prefer chocolate candies over the more fruity gummies. Different round chocolate candies, like milk duds and Whoppers, form the lawn and walkway decorations, while the majority of the house is made of gingerbread with a generous smattering of frosting. With wheat shortbread cookies creating the intricate straw-like roof, to the chocolate wreath and shingles, it’s easy to see why the gingerbread snowman is so happy.

38. Bright Blue Gingerbread House Decorations

A color explosion was showing that a traditional gingerbread house doesn’t have to be, well, classic. From the numerous blue decorations ranging from fish, flowers, small coins and even to rainbow-colored lollipops, it’s important to remember that a gingerbread house is what you want it to look like. This house uses plenty of unconventional designs like orange fishes on the door along with purple and pink roses for the roof design, but it’s still bright and colorful nonetheless.

39. The Small Multi Color Gingerbread House

This small, gingerbread house that has quite a lot of character. Clever use of the gummies for the door walkway as well as arches above the door. The windows are gummies as well with frosting trim. Multi-colored candies line the roof, creating a rainbow pattern that is visually very pretty, pairing well with the icing layer of ‘fake’ snow that the frosting creates. More gummies adorn the roof, creating the shingles with giant gummies adding more focus on the diamond-shaped centerpiece of the house, making this one both aesthetically symmetrical and tasty as well.

Additional Gingerbread House Resources:



Best Gingerbread House Kits

Choosing the best gingerbread house kit seems reasonably straightforward, right? But after reviewing many kits, we found out that some leave us genuinely disappointed. Stale gingerbread, missing pieces, and horrible tasting icing; these are things to watch out for when choosing your kit.

If you are looking for simple, DIY, easy, large, or mini gingerbread house kits; there are many options. If you’re looking for a more advanced or themed gingerbread house, there are some options; but they are a bit more costly.

We reviewed these gingerbread house kits for size, kid-friendliness, affordability, taste, and the amount of time it takes to build the gingerbread house.

Here is a review of the best gingerbread house kits of 2019

Gingerbread House Kit Review & Comparison

For specific information about the most highly rated gingerbread house kits, jump to the section which best fits your needs below:

1. Wilton Gingerbread House Kit – Pre-Baked

If you are looking for a classic gingerbread house that comes with high-quality gingerbread, pre-made frosting, and decent tasting candy; this is the gingerbread house for you. Everything is ready to build out of the box with this gingerbread house, so this is perfect for kids. This gingerbread house is a bit pricey side at $30 per kit.

the best gingerbread house kit.

2. Wilton Dazzling Bling Gingerbread House Kit – Ready to Decorate

The Dazzling Bling Gingerbread House Kit is the newest from Wilton. Wilton took the traditional gingerbread house and made it modern with sparkling gold stars and shiny gray metallic ball decorations. With a small amount of frosting, this gingerbread house is a perfect centerpiece for a party. The kit is a medium size and would be great for kids and adults.
Overall, we are happy to see Wilton make these more modern kits to keep their gingerbread kit line fresh and not stale.

Dazzling bling gingerbread house kits.

3. Wilton’s Mini Gingerbread House Kit

Wilton takes the cake for a well crafted and mini gingerbread house kit. But, wow, this gingerbread house was tiny. The gingerbread quality is what you would expect from Wilton, but everything is just smaller. The size of this gingerbread house is about the size of a medium-sized apple. There are less candy, less frosting, and less gingerbread compared to other kits.
While this gingerbread house is a great little buy, you complete the kit significantly faster than you would anticipate. If you have a younger child, this may be a better purchase with their shorter attention spans.

If you are creating a house with a child of 7+ years or above, we’d recommend the larger gingerbread house.

mini gingerbread house kits by wilton.

4. Disney Crafty Gingerbread House Cooking Kits

If you or your gingerbread crafters are Disney fanatics. The is an excellent spin on the classic gingerbread house. This kit comes with all the traditional goodies such as gumdrops, ready to use frosting, candy beads and Mickey-shaped candy pieces.
As a bonus, this piece comes with a candy cane fence as well. But be warned, while this is a fun version of our loved simple gingerbread houses, this is a small kit for the cost. Also, some Amazon reviewers stated that kits have arrived with many broken or missing pieces. If you can pay more, this is a great Disney themed kit.

Disney holiday gingerbread house kits.

5. Small Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Kit Ann Clark

Are you interested in building your gingerbread house from scratch? This gingerbread house cookie cutter kit will help you achieve just that. These gingerbread cookie cutters will help you make cute and small simple gingerbread houses in a few hours. The best part about these cookie cutters is that there is no limit to how many houses you can make. Amazon reviewers said they had gingerbread house parties for their kids and friends.

Also, If you are more cost-conscious, this may be the best bet for you. Obliviously, the downside is that you have to provide ingredients, but if you are thinking about making more than five houses – this would be the best option.

easy gingerbread house kit cookie cutter.

6. Starbucks Gingerbread House Kit

If you are a Coffee lover, the Starbucks gingerbread house kit is a must buy this holiday season. The kit comes with everything you can need to make a Starbucks shop replica. The kit comes with gumdrops, frosting, candy bites, candy canes, and a Starbucks coffee marque. The house is medium to small in size, which is suitable for children above the age of 7 years or older. But, this kit is more for adults who can appreciate the coffee theme. The Starbucks Gingerbread House kit would make a great holiday gift for any coffee lover friends and family.

starbucks gingerbread kits.

8. Wonka Gingerbread House Kit

What makes the Wonka Gingerbread House unique is the candy. The gingerbread kit contains classic Wonka candy such as Nerds, Sweet Tarts, Runts and Bottle caps. These are most likely to be eaten that placed on the Gingerbread house; but who can resist. The Wonka gingerbread house also contains the basics: pre-made gingerbread and frosting plus a setup tray that will help create a stable gingerbread house.
Most of the Wonka Kit reviews are all positive, but it’s more expensive than the others for its size. It is also a little smaller than average and costs about $20. If sweets and Charlie and The Chocolate factory nostalgia is what you want, this kit is right for you.

wonka gingerbread cottage kits.

9. Create-a-Treat Large Gingerbread House Kit

The Create-a-Treat Large Gingerbread House is one of the largest gingerbread house kit on the market. It’s has a simple design and includes gingerbread, icing, and candy. There has been a couple of Amazon reviews saying that the gingerbread house came broken. This seems to be a trend with the larger gingerbread houses. The reason is with the larger and more fragile gingerbread pieces; there is a higher chance that it may break during shipment; so be warned. The cost for this kit is reasonable at about 20 dollars. And it should provide about 1-2 hours of decorating fun.

large gingerbread house kits.

10. Frosty the Snowman Gingerbread House Kit

This classic Frosty the Snowman gingerbread house kit is not only easy to assemble but is very nostalgic. The kit includes pre-baked gingerbread house molds and a variety of colorful candies for decorating. And, yes, of course, it includes Frosty the Snowman himself as a gummy. There were quite a few Amazon reviewers that said that the gingerbread molds were delivered broken. Although, many said it was easily fixable gluing together with the frosting.

frosty the snowman gingerbread house kits.

11. Candy Cottage Gingerbread House

The Candy Cottage Gingerbread House is one of our favorite gingerbread house kit out there. The versatility of it solely being a gingerbread house mold that is washable and reusable, makes it a fun activity to use for any holiday. The kit is quite large, so we would recommend buying extra frosting for this one. This kit allows for a lot of customization. Of course, the price for this kit is high because it can be used multiple times, but it is worth it!

candy cottage gingerbread house kits.

12. Mini Village Gingerbread House Decorating Kit

The Mini Village Gingerbread house kit is perfect for the family or a child since there are four individual houses ready for decoration. The houses are quite small, with the tallest being 4” high. All of the houses are different shapes and sizes, which is perfect for the different personalities of your little ones. The kit includes the standard gingerbread pieces, frosting with the bag and tip, cardboard bases, and festive candies. We believe that the price is worth it as long as you have a larger group of Gingerbread crafters.

wilton mini village kits.

13. Gingerbread Doghouse Decorating Kit

For all the dog lovers out there, the Gingerbread Dog House is perfect for you. While this is a unique design, It did end up being smaller than expected, but still charming house theme nonetheless. The kit included small bone sprinkle decor and six gingerbread panels with red and white frosting for decorating. This kit will only take an hour to make, so its a relatively quick activity. But, if you have a dog in the family, this is a must to create and showcase.

gingerbread dog house kits.

14. Wilton Pre-Assembled Mini Gingerbread House

Another small gingerbread house kit, the Wilton Pre Assembled Mini Gingerbread House kit is perfect for toddlers due to its size and ease of creation. It comes with the popular colorful candies, but what makes it stand out is gummy Santa Clause, which is a hit with the kids. We felt that the kit needed a bit more candy, but that wasn’t a big problem for us since we like to add different candies anyway. The frosting and gummies were tasty.

pre-assembled gingerbread house kits.

15. Best Gluten Free Gingerbread Kits

gluten free gingerbread kits.

If you or a family member has celiac disease, allergies, or specific dietary restrictions, which involves gluten, This Gluten-Free Gingerbread house kit is probably the best. The kit did receive high reviews from the small number of reviews; 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Besides the less than perfect photo on the review page, the kit did get some bonus points since the GF gingerbread and frosting tasted better than expected. Similar to most gluten-free products, this kit was a little more expensive than others, but only by two to three dollars. Check out this gluten free kit on Amazon.

17. Wilton Gingerbread Train Kits

If a traditional gingerbread house seems a bit stale for you, try the Wilton Gingerbread Train Kit. This is a larger kit, weighing about 1.76 pounds out of the box. The gingerbread train kit comes with easy to assemble pre-baked gingerbread pieces and different types of candies that include: candy canes and gumdrops.

This kit comes with a lot of candy, but we would recommend buying more candy just in case you’re feeling generous with the decorations. The gingerbread train kit also comes with two different kinds of icings; green and white. The review for this kit is a bit mixed. The kit is mainly for intermediate gingerbread makers above the age of 10. For any children under the age of 10, this gingerbread kit may be a bit difficult. Overall, we recommend this kit for the above average gingerbread maker who is looking for a unique gingerbread kit this year kit this year.

gingerbread train kits.

18. The Best Graham Crackers Gingerbread Mix

This Graham Cracker Gingerbread Mix kit has received so many great reviews on Amazon; it was impossible to ignore. This gluten-free gingerbread mix can make up to 100 graham crackers in a single batch which is plenty for an afternoon of gingerbread house making. The gingerbread house mix is non-GMO, vegan, and one of the best for anyone with food allergies. For individuals who have any food sensitivity such as celiac disease, this is a must. Here is the best part about the gingerbread mix; it’s one of the tastiest gingerbread mixes on the market.

The gingerbread mix comes in 19oz cans, which is a lot for the average gingerbread house building session. Since this gingerbread house mix is gluten-free and non-GMO, it is a bit more expensive. Other than price, we highly recommend this product for anyone with gluten or food allergies.

gluten free gingerbread mix.

19. 3D Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter Set

One of the largest baking sets, the 3D gingerbread house cookie cutter set comes with ten non-stick stainless steel molds. The set comes with molds for your walls, doors, windows, roofs, chimney and even design molds for stars and circles ornaments. The result of using this gingerbread cookie cutter set is a 17cm by 13cm house. What’s nice about this set is that it can be re-used for other holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

gingerbread house cookie cutter set.

20. Mini Village Silicone Gingerbread House Baking Kit

mini village silicone gingerbread house baking kit.

One of the best-reviewed baking kits on Amazon, the mini village silicone gingerbread kit comes with three molds. Two of the molds are used for making the gingerbread houses; used for making the walls, windows, roof, and base. It also has a decorative pattern for Christmas trees and gingerbread men. The other mold is actually for mini house molds; perfect to make small chocolate houses as desserts for Christmas party. What makes this kit unique is the simplicity and how easy it is to clean. The result using this kit is a gingerbread house that’s 6” x6” x7” tall. Overall, a great combination of a gingerbread house kit and molds for holiday treats

21. Gingerbread House Manor Kit

The gingerbread house manor is an excellent interpretation of the classic gingerbread house design. The kit comes with all the standard gingerbread house basics like gingerbread, candy and royal icing; but his kit comes with an additional two gingerbread men. If you are looking for a unique gingerbread house, we would highly recommend checking out the gingerbread house manor.

gingerbread manor.

22. Gingerbread Light House Kit

The gingerbread lighthouse kit by Wilton is another unique theme. While the kit may look challenging to make and decorate, its reasonably easily. The main difference between this kit vs. the other traditional gingerbread house kits is the size and shape of the gingerbread. If you are thinking about a nautical theme for the holiday season, this would be the best choice.

gingerbread lighthouse.

23. Santa Workshop Gingerbread House

If you are looking for an easy and festive gingerbread house kit, the Santa workshop by Wilton is one of the best. The Santa’s Workshop is smaller than other gingerbread house kits because it only comes with four pieces of gingerbread. It also has an open concept to showcase Santa and his elves. What is unique about this kit is the custom holiday candies such as Santa, elves, Santa’s sack and presents.

santa's workshop gingerbread house.

24. Super Mario Gingerbread Castle Kit

For any gamer, the Super Mario gingerbread castle is a must. The castle comes with classic Super Mario characters, stars and coins. The gingerbread castle measures 7.25 in. long x 4.8 in. wide x 6 in. high and comes with a mushroom cookie. The castle is medium size compared to traditional gingerbread house kits and overall, is good quality. But the main reason to purchase this kit is the nostalgia factor.

super mario gingerbread house castle.

25. Cozy Fire Place Gingerbread Kit

This holiday season, cuddle up with this cozy fire place gingerbread kit. Create a picturesque decorated gingerbread living room with stockings hung above brick fireplace and a colorful Christmas tree. This is a smaller gingerbread kit, but is a cute centerpiece idea for the dinning room table.

cozy fireplace gingerbread kit.

26. The Peanuts Christmas Gingerbread House Kit

One of the most popular Christmas figures of all time, now has his own gingerbread house kit. The Peanuts Gingerbread kit, is a fun interpretation of the classic gingerbread house, but with all of your favorite characters included. The kit comes with cardboard cut-outs of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest of the peanuts gang. This kit keeps the Charlie Brown tradition alive and is recommended for the more nostalgic individual.

the peatnuts gingerbread house kit.

27. Ninja Gingerbread Cookie Kits

One of the more recent and popular gingerbread kits, the Ninja cookie kit is fun take on an old baking tradition. The gingerbread kit comes with your standard mix, decorations and icings. But the ninja cookie molds are what makes this kit so special and fun. There are 4 karate action molds that can be used on your cookies. We would recommend to try and decorate them all.

ninja gingerbread cookie kits

The 3 Different Kinds of Gingerbread House Kits.

There are three kinds of gingerbread house kits which you can buy online:

  • Pre-made
  • Pre-built
  • Baking

Below are the details about each kit:

Pre-Made Kits

Pre-made kits comes with the gingerbread pieces already made. This allows you to construct the gingerbread house yourself with the pre-packages frosting and candy decoration. Most gingerbread house kits come pre-made and these kits tend to be more edible than the others. These are the most common and cheapest of the three kits.

Pre-built kits

A pre-build gingerbread house is already constructed. No need to use frosting to connect the walls or base, its already intact. These kits are well suited for younger kids who just want to decorate and not fuss with the creation of the house. However, these kits are not great for eating. The gingerbread and frosting are hard and bitter. Overall, pre-built kits are the least time consuming.

Baking Kits

Baking Kits come with molds and cutters to create your gingerbread house kit. These kits are by far the most time consuming and expensive. You must purchase gingerbread house mix before you can add it to the molds, then bake, set to cool and then construct the kit. Most of these kits do not come with candy or frosting as well, so those need to be additional purchased. While this does add extra time to the gingerbread house creation process, this is by far the best tasting out of all the kits. Fresh gingerbread filling your house during the holidays, who doesn’t want that?

different types of gingerbread kits.

When thinking about which type of kit is best for you, think about who will be creating the gingerbread house and how much time you have. Those two factors will guide you to the right choice this holiday season.

Where Else to Buy Gingerbread Houses?

If you are thinking about buying your gingerbread house from a traditional brick and motor store, Target, Walmart, Safeway, Bed Bath and Beyond Trader Joes, Costco and Party City are a few of the best places to purchase your gingerbread house. Not only do they offer pre-made kits, but all the needed materials if you want to build your gingerbread house from scratch. While, these are great places to buy your kits; these stores tend to be very crowded and overwhelming during the holiday season.

where to buy gingerbread house kits.

Also, we have encountered a lack of quality gingerbread accessories and kits in store due to high demand for these products. From a convenience standpoint, we believe that using Amazon, especially with two day shipping for Prime members, is the way to buy your kit.

What Come Included in a Gingerbread House Kit?

The main items in a gingerbread house kit are pre-made gingerbread, icing, candy, examples of patterns or designs and instructions how to build a gingerbread house. Other kits come with a booklet filled with gingerbread house decoration ideas for inspiration.  In some instances, you may find small pieces of plastic that are used to place your gingerbread pieces together as you frost them to make the walls or base of the house. Other gingerbread house kits, you may find gingerbread cookie mix to build your house. In this case, its customary to have molds and other tools associated with shaping your gingerbread house located in the kit. Usually, you will receive everything you will need to make a gingerbread house in the kit. However, you may need to make more icing or purchase more candy.

When Can You Eat Your Gingerbread House?

Yes, most gingerbread house kits are completely editable. While they are editable, we strongly recommend that you review the ingredients within each kit as they can vary. Individuals who suffer from gluten and food related allergies should be careful before eating any of the pre-made gingerbread because they can potentially contain wheat and other materials. Taste wise, pre-made gingerbread kits tend to not taste the freshest. However, a freshly made gingerbread house will taste delicious.

After you build your gingerbread house, there is a 2-2.5 week window where the gingerbread house is safe to eat; if kept in the proper conditions. We recommend that you keep your gingerbread house in a pantry or in general, a cool climate-controlled room.

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This piece was produced by the internal BGB team which is made up of expert bakers with over 10 years of experience. We strive to produce the best articles to help our visitors have a happy holiday.

20+ Free Gingerbread House Templates

You have just made a new batch of gingerbread fresh from the oven. Now, the next steps in creating your gingerbread house is the design.

Below are a series of different gingerbread house templates for any style. From Victorian to Classic, to easy to large style templates, here are over twenty gingerbread house patterns to use this Christmas season.

Victorian Gingerbread Template

Victorian gingerbread template.

Gingerbread Train Template

train template.

Small Gingerbread House Template

small gingerbread house template.

Simple Pattern Template

simple gingerbread template.

Printable Gingerbread Walls Template

printable walls template.

Noah’s Arc Template

noah's arc template.

Tall & Large Gingerbread House Template

large gingerbread template.

Halloween Gingerbread House Template

halloween gingerbread template.

Gingerbread House With Chimney Template

gingerbread house with chimney template.

Small Gingerbread House Template

small gingerbread house template.

Gingerbread Barn Template

barn template.

Cut Out & Printable Template

cut out template.

Classic Gingerbread House Template

classic gingerbread house template.

Cool Gingerbread Template

cool gingerbread house template.

Gingerbread House Cottage with Trees

gingerbread house cottage template.

Gingerbread Church Template

gingerbread church template.

Traditional Christmas Gingerbread Template

traditional gingerbread house template.

Easy Gingerbread House Template

easy gingerbread house template.

Additional Gingerbread Inspiration

For additional gingerbread house inspiration, here are a few of our best resources:

Gingerbread House History: How the Tradition Was Started

A wonderful holiday tradition, the act of making a gingerbread house is both creative as well as tasty. But where did it all come from? How did we ever arrive at making delicious gingerbread houses and why during Christmas? Today, we will be discussing the origins of gingerbread and the houses that would sooner come from it. 

history of gingerbread houses

Why is gingerbread called gingerbread?

The term gingerbread is an old french word, which actually means “preserved ginger”. The root was first cultivated in ancient China and was eventually discovered that it helped to preserve both flour and meat. Because of this, ginger was baked into little crisps, that eventually became cookies in Western Europe. These cookies or “fairings” as they would be called at the time, grew wide popularity at fairs, hence the name. Many fairings were decorated with gilded edges and would be the foundation of what would today be known as the gingerbread house. 

What is a gingerbread house?

A gingerbread house is a confectionery house usually made from a hardened ginger biscuit, often referred to as a “ginger nut”. This house is typically decorated with an assortment of frosting and candied elements. This practice stems from the tradition of baking ginger into small cookies, called snap cookies during European and North American holidays. The general characteristics of a gingerbread house is that the end product should resemble some form of architect, but nowadays, it is very loosely applied. A gingerbread house can be made to look like anything, with the important rule of it being constructed entirely of edible items, namely candy and gingerbread

homemade gingerbread house

Who Invented the gingerbread house?

The actual inventor is largely unknown as gingerbread constructions can be found as far back as ancient Greece and even further in China, but for the Europeans and North America, the practice of making gingerbread houses originates in Germany during the 1800’s. As gingerbread was already used to make different forms of art, German bakers took this to the next step, basing their creation off a very popular fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, “Hansel and Gretel” where two children are abandoned in a forest before discovering an edible house made of bread and sugar. Bakers took descriptions of this house from the story and began approximating their own take on a gingerbread house. This would be most popular during christmas, as it was common place tradition to consume ginger snap cookies around this time as well. 

What is the purpose of a gingerbread house?

The purpose of a gingerbread house is two fold-to provide an artistic medium and of course to eat. Gingerbread houses are commonly made nowadays to express creativity in a more fun and visually vibrant medium. With the world of sweets available, the cost of materials certainly isn’t high and the ceiling for creativity is nearly endless, creating a fun practice both for children and adults alike.  Plus, afterwards, you can eat your creation, something all children can greatly appreciate. 

making a gingerbread house

History of gingerbread house in Germany 

As stated previously, Gingerbread houses in Germany originated from Bakers emulating the description from Hansel and Gretel. In Europe and North America, it was already common place to make Gingerbread mould carvings with artistic depictions. So bakers applied their own craft and constructed their ideals of a “fairy tale” house, resulting in what we know today as gingerbread house making. This tradition was most popular during christmas, where a great number of goods were baked from Gingerbread. 

How did the gingerbread house tradition get started?

The tradition of gingerbread house making began with Europeans and Americans baking gingersnap cookies around Christmas. These cookies tend to be decorated with elaborate designs, usually gilded edges with pictures of animals, houses or other architecture. Gingerbread was also a medium for displaying folk art and the news as well. This naturally evolved into the houses that German bakers popularized and became what we know today as the art of making gingerbread houses. 

How were gingerbread houses incorporated into Christmas?

Gingersnap cookies have always been associated with the spirit of Christmas, and as such, it was highly popular to bake a large assortment of ginger products during Christmas. With the concept of gingerbread houses, eventually this tradition merged with the idea of gingerbread houses. And since Christmas is a widely important time in German, the practice would become synonymous with Christmas itself.

gingerbread cookies

Fun Facts about Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are an excellent way to celebrate both creativity and bring in the new year. Below are some fun tidbits about the delicious pieces of artistic flair that both you and the kids can enjoy. 

  • It is said that Gingerbread houses can be traced as far back as Ancient Greece and Egypt.
  • Gingerbread is said to have been invented by a monk to help cure indigestion.
  • It is said that Queen Elizabeth I came up with the concept of the gingerbread man after wanting to present them to visiting officials as gifts.
  • Gingerbread is unique in that it uses honey and molasses as the base sweetner instead of sugar. 
  • In the city of Bergen in Norway, they make an entire city of gingerbread houses annually.
  • It is tradition that unmarried women in England would often eat gingerbread men for good luck in meeting a husband.
  • In Sweden, gingerbread was thought to have brought good luck, and people would use them to make wishes. The word “gingerbread’ derives from the Old French word “gingebras”, meaning “preserved ginger”.
  • While gingerbread houses are widely popular in North America and Europe, it never saw much popularity in the United Kingdoms 
  • The largest gingerbread house in the world is 60 feet by 42 feet and is worth 35 million calories, constructed with 1800 Hershey bars, 1200 feet of twizzlers, 100 pounds of tootsie rolls, 100 whirly pops and thousands of other assorted candies.
  • A doctor once wrote a prescription for gingerbread for the Swedish King to cure his depression
  • Wilton is the largest gingerbread house kit manufacturer in the U.S
  • While the most popular time of year to make gingerbread houses is Christmas, bakers make gingerbread during Halloween and Valentines day.

Whether you are celebrating the holidays or just looking for a fun activity to express your creativity, gingerbread houses are the perfect way to spend your time. So go create a delicious memory today and make a gingerbread house. 

Dough & Icing Royal Recipes For Gingerbread Houses

  • How to Mix Gingerbread Dough
  • How to Cut & Bake the Dough
  • Gingerbread Recipes for Gingerbread Houses
  • Gingerbread Cookies and Cake recipes
  • Royal Icing Recipes

Mixing Gingerbread Dough

When mixing gingerbread dough, you will encounter different colors and textures based on which ingredients you use. Darker dough use dark brown sugar, dark corn syrup and sometimes molasses. Compared to lighter gingerbread dough which use the lighter versions of corn syrup and sugar. Also, lighter gingerbread houses tend to use honey as a sweeter. Most gingerbread projects will only need one type of dough, but if you are feeling creative; you can use both gingerbread colored dough

Making the dough is relativity straight forward. Gingerbread dough will always dry ingredients such as flour being well-blended with heated molasses or corn syrup. The molasses and corn syrups will be heated in a pan and then, usually the dry mixture will be added and thoroughly mixed. And that’s how most gingerbread dough’s are made.

How to Roll Gingerbread Dough for Gingerbread Houses

  1. Start with a cookie sheet – find a large cookie sheet and wrap tin foil on the surface of the cookie sheet. Depending on how much gingerbread you will be baking, a larger cookie sheet would be best.
  2. Get out your rolling pin – find a rolling pin and dust it with baking flour.
  3. Prepare a working surface – find a non-slippery working surface.
  4. Round and Roll The Dough – Start rounding your dough and rolling it to the correct thickness onto the baking sheet. Most Gingerbread dough is at least ¼ inches, but can go as thick as 1/2 inches for baking
  5. Trim the dough – trim any excess dough within 1-1.5 inches of a cookie sheet.

Making Your Gingerbread Shapes and Patterns

Since your dough is now placed evenly on a cookie sheet, bring out your patterns. To make this process easier, its recommended to leave the dough in the refrigerator for 30-mins.

  1. Add your pattern to thick paper or cardboard
  2. Dust you patterns with a generous amount flour
  3. Arrange all of your patterns and templates on the gingerbread
  4. Leave about 1/4 of an inch between patterns and do not crowd.
  5. Using a well pointed knife, take your time, and cut out your patterns.
  6. Trim and knead the excess dough together. If you are not going to use this dough, wrap the dough and place in the refrigerator.
  7. Clean your station and get ready to place the dough in the oev

Baking Your Gingerbread Dough

Once your patterns are carved out, time to place your dough in the oven. Gingerbread cookies between 1/4 to 1/2 inch of thickness will take 13-15 minutes to bake at 350°F. Place the cookies in the middle rack off the oven. Check the gingerbread cookies for firmness and if they are lightly browned, these are signs that the cookies are ready to be taken out of the oven.

Note, please review all baking instructions that come with the package or gingerbread kit. Some flour such as gluten free flower could take shorter to bake.

Taking Out of the Oven and Letting your Gingerbread Cookies cool.

Remove the cookies from oven on the sheet. Give the cookies about 5-7 minutes to cool down. Some cookies may be misshaped due to the high heat, once they have cooled down, but are still warm, you can re-shape them with a tooth pick or knife.

Once your cookies have cooled down, carefully remove them from the tin foil with a spatula. This is where you must be careful. Gingerbread cookies have a tendency to get stuck to tin foil. Keep an eye on any remainder foil that is sticking to the cookies. lastly, gingerbread cookies are very brittle, so be careful placing them onto a plate or in a plastic container. Placing them in a zip-lock bag or any tight and sturdy containers is highly recommended.

How To make Royal Icing

To make Royal Icing you will need to:

  1. combine 1 pound confectioners sugar 3 egg whites, and ½ teaspoon cream of tartar in bowl
  2. Mix with electric mixer at low speed until blended.
  3. Then beat at high speed 5-7 to minutes.
  4. Icing is ready to use when knife drawn through it leaves a clear path which holds its shape.
    This amount can make 1 batch, about 2 cups.
  5. We do not recommend: doubling recipe.
  6. If you need additional icing, make a separate batch.

How to Tint Your Royal Icing

Tinting Royal Icing is fairly easy, but can be messy. Before starting these steps, make sure you have a clear and clean work space in your kitchen. Here are the 4 steps to tint icing:

  1. Use multiple small bowl -. One bowl per color is the rule. Also, use disposable bowls because the tint could stain your bowls.
  2. Use tooth picks – poke a hole in the food coloring and add a few drops to your icing. Remember, Icing tends to dry fast, so keep your bowls covered with a semi-damp paper towels when your not using them and do not refrigerate your icing. If you refrigerate your icing, it will come out hard and perhaps unusable.
  3. Mix with a rubber spatula – start mixing the food coloring into your royal icing. Its important to mix thoroughly and add incremental drops of food coloring. Add as many drops to obtain the best shade of your desired colors.
  4. Think ahead – Think about all the icing colors you will be using during the baking session. It would be best to create enough before you decorate your gingerbread houses.