Gingerbread House Decoration Ideas

Decorating your gingerbread house for the holidays can be an enjoyable tradition for friends and family. Having a blank canvas for kids and other family members to create something truly unique is always exciting and fun. The options of decorating and designing your craft are endless. Will your house be a traditional gingerbread house? Will you hand make it or use a pre-made gingerbread kit? Will it have a simple, easy or complex design? What kinds of candy will you add your gingerbread house?  How large or small will your house be? Will it be a log cabin, traditional house, dog house or something inspired from popular culture? With these endless possibilities, there needs to be inspiration to spark your creative side. That’s why we have curated the best gingerbread decorations from around the web to help you start your journey.

Traditional Gingerbread House Decoration

This traditional style gingerbread house is what anyone would envision when thinking about decorating a gingerbread house during the holidays. The whimsical colors of the gumdrops and hard candies are eye-catching and fun. The perfectly squishy looking trees and wreath above the door bring out the holiday-feel and also looks delicious! Our favorite is the use of the white frosting for the beautifully sheeted snow on top of the house.

Modern Chocolate Gingerbread House

This modern chocolate gingerbread house looks too delicious not to eat! The use of the milk chocolate and white chocolate Kit Kat bars creating a checkered foundation for the walls makes for a unique gingerbread house look. The chocolate nonpareils creating a look of a roof that is lightly dusted in snow is clever as you wont need to use too much frosting for this one. The red and green from the wreath adds a nice pop of color and hints at which season this is for

Creative Tall Roof Design

Straying away from the traditional gingerbread house, this creative tall roof design is fun and easier to make since it only has 4 gingerbread pieces compared to the 6 pieces that would be used for a traditional gingerbread house. The giant, colorful sweet tarts used for the roofing is definitely the focal point of this gingerbread house. The intricate white frosting designs on the front of the house adds a feminine touch, while the greenery used around the house ties everything together.

Small and Green House Design and Decorations

This small and green house design has very cute details; from the red and green candies used as Christmas lights on the roof, to the small chimney that you don’t see too often on gingerbread houses. The use of accessories like the snowman with the green hat, the candy canes and peppermint candies at the doorway, and use of gummies throughout really creates a cute Christmas time feeling.

Large Gingerbread House with Stylish frosting Designs

If you have a gingerbread house mold that is quite large, this large gingerbread house with stylish frosting designs and patterns can be a nice inspiration for you. Framing the first floor of the house with large trees and adding a colorful bunch of candies surrounding the house is a nice touch. The fluffy white frosting on the roof with confetti sprinkles creates a playful touch to the elegant frosting designs on the front of the house.

Small Classic House Design

Pink Accented Gingerbread House

Frosting Icicles with Powdered Sugar Snow Gingerbread House

The frosting icicles with powdered sugar snow gingerbread house paints the picture that Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause are inside next to a fire looking at the ‘naughty and nice’ list. The use of the gingerbread cookies and powdered sugar snow around the gingerbread house helps to create an inviting and winter feeling. The perfectly symmetric details from the frosting windows to the peppermint on the roof, are cozy and cute.

Traditional Gingerbread House With Gumdrop Roof

Modern Login Cabin Design Using Pretzel Sticks

The modern log cabin design using pretzel sticks is great inspiration for those who love the outdoors and a more rustic look. You can tell with the icicles along the roof and white frosting touches within the cookie tree that it is wintertime and cold. This is a simple look without the use of bright colors and having its focal point being the pretzel sticks for the log cabin walls.

Sugar encrusted gingerbread house with frosting design

The sugar encrusted gingerbread house with frosting design has an almost artificial look to it as it has meticulous and hardened frosting and candy details. The sugar adds a hint of glimmer and fun to this unique gingerbread house. This particular gingerbread house would look great as a piece to be shown off, not eaten, within a ceramic Christmas Village collection.

Classic Gumdrop Gingerbread House with Cotton Ball Smoke

This wonderfully whimsical classic gumdrop gingerbread house with cotton ball smoke coming from the chimney is quite intricate with its use of awnings and colorful details. The gumdrop details for the roofing and awnings is definitely the focal point with its vibrant colors. The use of the red gummies for shutters and candy cane sticks for pillars, to the green frosting trees and rock candy and gummies surrounding the house paints the picture of the house being located in a forest.

Modern Pecan Gingerbread House with Rosmary Tree Wreath

It’s great to mix up the traditional decorations if you have an individual who doesn’t particularly like candy or too much sweets. This modern pecan gingerbread house is perfect inspiration for that individual and the rosemary wreath adds a nice touch as it would also smell amazing once finished. The popcorn is used as fluffy snow, the pecans are used as windows, the sesame seeds and dried cranberries used to outline the house, and banana chips to create the dimensions of the roofing is very creative and easy to do.

Mini Gingerbread House with Peppermint Accent Windows

Gold and Foil Hershey Kiss Gingerbread House

Smarty Candy Roof House with Green Frosting Wreath

Blue Frosting Floral Themes Gingerbread House

Professionally Designed House With Detailed Frosting

Two Story Large Gingerbread House with Porch

Classic House with Snowman

Holiday Joy with Pink Accent House

Hershey kisses and bar Roof

Festive Light and Dark Green House

Traditional Gingerbread House With Basic Designs

Gingerbread Store with Candy Tape Roof and Lights

Classic Gingerbread Design with Frosting and Gingerbread Man

Mini Graham Cracker House Design with Green and Red Candy

Simple and Elegant Gingerbread House Design with M&Ms

Gingerbread Cottage with Wheat Cereal Roof and Pretzel Antlers

Pretzel Cottage with Snow Frosting and Candy Lights

Gummy Wreath With Multiple Color Candy Roof

Simple Pink and Clean Frosting Pattern Design

Peppermint Roof and Camel Chimney with white Frosting Smoke

Gingerbread House with Very little Frosting Design

Gingerbread House with Red Candy Accents

Classic House with Great Window Decor

Light and Dark Gingerbread Accents with Wheat Roof

Bright Blue Gingerbread House

The Small Multi Color Gingerbread House