Wondering, where you should purchase your gingerbread house this Christmas? Walmart sells a large variety of gingerbread houses from October to the end of December.

You can find many different themed kits, ranging from classic gingerbread houses to a modern gingerbread manor and even a large gingerbread house village.

walmart gingerbread house review.

Also, Walmart offers a ready- to-decorate gingerbread cookie set which comes with pre-made gingerbread men.

The Pros of purchasing a gingerbread house at Walmart

  • Great selection of gingerbread house and cookie kits
  • Many gingerbread house decorations and themes to choose from
  • An incredible baking section for additional gingerbread house candy
  • Gingerbread house kits at different price points
  • Free pick up for online purchases
  • Good return policy for any issues.
  • Lay away for any kits out of

The Cons of purchasing your gingerbread house at Walmart

  • During the holidays, Walmart can be crowded.
  • They may have a lower gingerbread house selection than advertised

Walmart Gingerbread House Kit Review

For our review, we purchased the Wilton gingerbread house manor and Wilton ready to decorate gingerbread house kit.

These gingerbread houses came with the all of the standard materials:

The kit from Walmart had no issues and was easy to set up.

Overall, the gingerbread house only took 30 minute to make and came out great. Most of the gingerbread houses are very kid-friendly and easy to make. Besides the long line at Walmart, we felt that purchasing our gingerbread house was there was great. We highly recommend it.